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Tenant Improvements

Coastal Securities, Inc. Houston, TX

T&D Engineers worked with MG Architects,  to design this high end corporate office space on two floors in an existing building in northwest Houston.

Space includes a new stairwell to open up the two floors and several other ‘above-standard’ spaces. 

Schlumberger Building 150, Sugar Land, TX

This project consisted of a 50,000 square foot renovation and an addition of office and office support areas at the existing Schlumberger campus in Sugarland, Texas. The project consisted of a new mezzanine level that accommodated the new office and support areas. The MEP design consisted of new energy efficient lighting and mechanical systems including two-lamp 2 x 4 fixtures and a full VAV system.

Stout, Risuis, Ross, 1000 Main, Houston, TX

Cheniere Energy, Pennzoil Place, Houston, TX

Danos Headquarters, Gray, LA

Accumulators Office/Manufacturing Facility, Houston, TX